Inaugural post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I’ve decided to create a new blog that I am calling “Chasing Grace.” The name comes from a mantra of sorts that I repeat in my head as I am running on hotter days. I had noticed that a lot of times the sunlight seemed to be the killer on those days so I would try to find as much shade along the route as possible. When I was stuck in the sun I would say to myself, “Just keep chasing shade…” and over time that got shortened to “Chasing shade.” I later noticed that a lot of times I would find myself entering moments of prayer (if you’re not religious and are bothered by that term, feel free to substituted the word “meditation” since the concept is probably not all that different – see the next post) and reflection after repeating that mantra, and sometimes I would feel just a bit more at peace at the end of those runs, so the mantra sometimes became “Chasing grace.”

Once in a while I come up with some thoughts during those runs that I think might be at least mildly interesting to others. And that’s where this blog is coming from. I am a religious person so that will be a part of what I share here. It may even be the predominant part. But I hope that there is a difference between beating someone over the head with one’s religion and simply sharing it as another part of one’s life. My faith is the lens through which I try to look at the world. I’m not always successful in that attempt – I might go so far as to say I’m rarely successful at it. But I find the effort to be worthwhile in my life.

I would love to find that what I write here strikes a chord with some people since, while I am writing this in part as an exercise in self-expression, let’s face it, we all like to think that our efforts are of interest to others!

And so, with all that said, let me get this blog rolling with, ironically, something I wrote over ten days ago…

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